Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Hot August Night in Tampa

Four players new to the game, Judge(Skyler) ,Tequila(James), Mad Dog(my son) and Sam Sei(me) rolled up to the warehouse. It was Thursday night; our usual time. Tequila killed the engine and we all went inside to split the loot.

I opened the bag and count it out; $55,000. A low whistle. Suddenly out come the guns. I'm pointing at Mad Dog and looking at three .45's pointed at me. I'm no wimp. I want my share. I'm not gonna back down.


Friday, 8/20/2010 - Tampa: The body of an unidentified man was found in the G&G warehouse near the Port of Tampa. Police are still looking for leads . . .

1st time playing the game and I get taken out in round one.

I can't wait to play again.

What in the hello am I talking about?  An interesting game called Ca$h & Gun$.  If you like gangsters, crime movies or ever had a secret desire to shoot any of your friends, then this is the game for you. Go check it out.

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