Tuesday, July 1, 2014

From the Quarterdeck

I've had setbacks (my computer died leaving me a week behind before I could replace it), overcome them then met more setbacks (the art that I want to use is not up to the job, for a single example).  I am working now to overcome these new setbacks.  The learning curve for even a tiny, home-based publisher is incredible.  It's very clear to me at the onset of this enterprise that time is the most valuable commodity we have as humans.  Regrets for the past, blah blah, ok that's it - I've no more time for that bs.  I've had a lot going on even with the setbacks.

First, I'm really excited to announce that I'm working with a fantastically talented 1st time writer who is telling stories of her farming life.  I'm helping her to edit and assemble her first book: How NOT To Raise Pigs.  It's being a true blast to work with Rebecca on this.  Yet, this is really just a side project.

I have nearly finished the first draft of the The Pirate GM's Fist, which I am pretty certain that I am changing the name of.  But hey, that's life in the constant change of creation.

I have laid out projects for BSE until the end of the year.  The next project on the horizon for us is Seven Ships on Mysterious Missions.  It will be a collection of warships with interesting backgrounds, crews, captains, and missions for use in swashbuckling and pirate games.

Additionally, I have been contacted to consult on a surprise pirate enterprise that I am really excited to be a part of.  I'm afraid that NDA prevents me from saying anything more here.  It's really gonna be cool though because so many excellent people are involved. I am super honored that I was contacted.  Woot!

Mainly though there is a lot of work to be done and only one guy to do it.  So I must run before the wind like a Jamaica Sloop.  Until next time, mates.

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