Saturday, August 9, 2014

Pirate D&D and a Question About Ball Bearings

I have been running a pirate game for nearly 6 months now.  We have bounced from system to system, but found nothing that really makes everyone happy.  The announcement of 5e D&D has spurred my group into wanting to switch to this system.  Unfortunately, the system is far from complete and I know much will need to be modified in order to make it work out for us.  Let me give you some examples of what we are working with now.

Given the lack of character classes in the free release of 5e, we were forced to search afield for something we could home-rule together.  We grabbed classes from here, because what else can you do when you have 2 witch doctors, 2 swashbucklers, 4 pirates, and an assassin?  We're also using pieces and parts from A Mighty Fortress, which I have had for years, as well as things from other systems.  This blog will be about the trials and tribulations of trying to run a game with a Pirates of the Caribbean feel.  I will share with you what we have tried and what we thinks works, as well as other thoughts, musings, and occasional pet peeves.

Ball Bearings

SO here's the first one.  On page 48 of the 5e rules, there is a section that discusses metal ball bearings.  1000 metal ball bearings can be purchased for 1 gp.  What is the use of these obviously technological tidbits that makes them SO common in a fantasy world.  In our world, steel ball bearings did not exist until the late 1800's.  The soft lead balls used for ammo in the 1700's would just crush underfoot, they wouldn't stay round thus no trip hazard.  Serious technology is behind the ball bearing.  Why is it so common in D&D?  Maybe I'm just crazy for wanting a little realism with my fantasy.

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